Why policy?

Lack of security policies can let you down at a critical moment. What will you do if you have no acceptable use policy for company PCs and equipment, and an employee does something they shouldn’t?

What will you do if you don’t have any documented security steps after an employee leaves, and the former employee can take malicious action using their access to your network and accounts?

Security Policies Help Create a Culture of Security In Your Organization

Having security policies in place (read and signed by employees) establishes a culture of security awareness and comes to the rescue when you need guidance, should security incidents happen.

These types of security policies are for such things as

  • acceptable use of equipment and accounts
  • security incident response
  • access control
  • equipment disposal
  • personal device usage
  • termination policy
  • BYOD policy

When your policies and processes support a culture of security, your risks are reduced and your staff knows what is expected and what they should do (or not do).

Policies Support Security Training and Technology

Security policies go hand in hand with all other areas of security. Policies and processes guide people and reinforce security awareness training. And your perimeter technology, such as data backup, firewall management, and anti-virus solutions, will work smoothly when their usage and processes are written down and explained.

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